Don’t worship the Bible more than God

Bible idolatry

When you worship the Bible instead of worshiping God.

I call Bible idolatry when you say that the Bible has been “written by God himself”, that it is “inerrant” and an “infallible authority”. Bible idolatry makes you refuse to accept scientific evidence when it seems to conflict with some formulation written in the Bible. It makes you believe that the Bible has “supernatural” or “magic” power.


Example of Bible idolatry. Note how the Bible is listed even before God.

I have no problem with designating the Bible as “fully trustworthy” or the “highest authority for your faith and your life” (example). These statements are normal for Christians because the Bible is our Holy Scripture and the only written definition of our faith. This is not idolatry because it leaves God at the top level.

Bible idolatry is partly caused by an old vocabulary problem. See Don’t mix up “Word of God” and “Bible”.

Bible idolatry is a temptation for every human who has experienced the healing effect of reading the Bible. When you discover how much these texts help you to get a healing glimpse into the Good News, then you are tempted to believe that the texts themselves are the source of your salvation.