Don’t worship the Bible more than God

I call Bible idolization when I hear people say that the Bible has been written “by God himself”, that it is a book with supernatural powers, or when they refuse to accept some scientific evidence just because it the Bible uses formulations that seem to conflict with it.

Bible idolization

When you worship the Bible instead of worshiping God.

Bible idolization was one of the main issues condemned by Jesus when he talked to Phariseans. Phariseans considered and propagated the Holy Scripture as the primary medium used by God when talking to his people.

Bible idolization is a temptation for every human who has studied the Bible. When you discover how much these texts helps you to get a healing glimpse into the Good News, then you are tempted to believe that the texts themselves are the source of your salvation.

Bible idolization is partly caused by an old vocabulary problem. See Don’t mix up “Word of God” and “Holy Scripture”.

Keep in mind:

  • You may live according to the Bible and still miss the Good News.

  • You may live in the light of the Good News and still get criticized by other humans who understand the Bible differently.