Father Philippe’s little flock

Sunday, November 6, 2022 (09:02)

Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the first prophet and the first scribe of the church, are the patrons of our cathedral in Tallinn. But when you approach the altar, you see that Peter and Paul have been pushed to the side by a huge painting that dominates the scene. The painting shows Mary ascending to Heaven. I wonder who did this strange layout and why.

The church in Estonia is very clerical. They love to use the title “father” when addressing a priest. When the lector goes to the ambo during the Mass, they don’t only do a squat in order to show they are entering a sacred space, they also bow towards the priest, as if to say “Do I have your permission, my father?”, and the priest responds with a bow as if to say “Yes, humble child, you have my kind permission”