I am a Christian

Being a Christian means to me that I believe in the Good News and want to rely on it and cultivate this faith. I invest some of my time into activities like praying and reading the Bible. I love to meet with other people who share that faith and practice these activities. I consider these activities as “faith training”. Being a Christian is my favourite sport.

Being a Christian means to me that Jesus Christ is “my Lord and my God” and that the Good News is my highest law. No human law can give me permission –or enforce me– to act against that faith.

I believe that Christian faith has the potential of evolving into a universally acceptable religion. But I also believe that this inevitably requires clarification about some wide-spread misconceptions. I can tell you in advance that there are Christians who don’t fully agree with what I write about Christians. And please also read Some temptations to religious people where I explain what Christianity does not mean to me.

About Christian values

Here is a list of things I’d call “Christian values”, or what I usually answer when you ask me what Christian faith means concretely.

  • Love God and love your fellows. Loving God means that you see the whole world as a gift from somebody greater than you, and that you care for that gift and share it with all other living beings. Loving your fellows means that you behave towards them as you would like them to behave towards you.

  • Don’t base your self-esteem upon earthen values. The value of a human is much more than money, success, wealth and health.

  • Don’t say “I deserve this”. Because of course you deserve it. Of course you deserve your fellows’ attention, respect, love. Of course you deserve something to eat and drink, clothes and a place where you can rest. Of course you also deserve a beautiful car, house, bicycle, phone and whatever you may need for your life. But don’t worry about these. Worry rather about whether your fellows have them as much as you.

  • Don’t ask for more than you need. Humanity won’t survive if we continue to cultivate ideas like “Good enough is not enough”. The most satisfied are those who need the least.

Some Christian vocabulary.

Jesus Christ

Title given to Jesus of Nazareth when seeing him as the Messiah announced by Jewish religion.

God seen as a human.

Holy Spirit

The spirit of God, helping us to understand and spread the Good News.

God seen as a spirit.


The community of all humans who believe in Jesus Christ and try to follow his example.


The holy scripture used by Christians as a tool for learning and teaching about God.


A school of Christianity represented by an official organization who explains and illustrates the Bible for its members according to a human-made set of rules.

Most confessions accept other confessions as being part of the Church and collaborate with them.

I maintain my personal modernized summary of the traditional Christian creeds. Currently only in German:

Ich glaube an den einen Gott, den Vater, den Allmächtigen, der alles geschaffen hat, die sichtbare und die unsichtbare Welt.

Ich glaube an Jesus Christus, den wir anbeten dürfen als Gottes Sohn, als Mensch geboren nach göttlichem Plan, der in die sichtbare Welt gekommen ist, um uns zu erlösen von aller Erbsünde und Angst vor Gottes Strafe.

Ich glaube an den Heiligen Geist, der uns befähigt und ermutigt, Gottes Botschaft jenseits menschlicher Sprache zu erkennen.

Ich glaube an die eine und vielfältige Kirche, die die Frohe Botschaft verkündet und unseren gemeinsamen Glauben kultiviert und mir hilft, in meinem Glauben zu wachsen.

Ich glaube an die Vergebung der Sünden, das Letzte Gericht, die Auferstehung der Toten und das Ewige Leben.