Why do Christians say that Jesus is God?

Can’t we simply believe in Jesus Christ as a human who was born by a divine plan as the long awaited Messiah announced by Jewish scriptures? Why do Christians believe that Jesus is God, not just a divine revelation? Why did Christians have to define the concept of Trinity, which states that we see God as three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

My short answer to these questions: because the game wouldn’t work without these concepts. When you say that you believe in Jesus Christ, you cannot add “but not in the Holy Spirit” or “but not in a Father in Heaven”.


One of the most specifically Christian names for God.


Title given to Jesus Christ when seeing him as the divine Son of God. God seen as a human.

Holy Spirit

God seen as a divine spirit and in a personified way as somebody who is sent to us by Jesus Christ and helps us to understand and spread the Good News.

Christian teachings are a collection of vocabulary and definitions. We use them because they help us to cultivate a model of our world, and we perceive that model as realistic. Yes, there are oddities in our vocabulary. Every language has its oddities.

Of course this is just one model. There are other models that use different vocabulary and definitions.

Imagine a family where they hate the word ‘table’ for that thing they use to gather around when having meal. They would call it ‘ragle’ instead. They find that ‘Children, meal is ready, come to ragle!’ sounds much more beautiful. I say “Why not”. If some circumstance requires me to live in that family for a few years, I would get used to that little oddity in their vocabulary.

But I would have more difficult to live in a family where they decided to give different names to each chair, depending on its angle relative to the kitchen door and on the time of the day. Or a family where they would have a rule saying that I must knock three times a the kitchen door and praise it by saying “What a beautiful door you are” before sitting down at their table. Or in another family where they decided to use the word “thing” for everything: for the table, the door, the chairs, the forks and the knives. Or yet another family where they decided to not speak at all about tables, chairs, doors, knives and forks. I would perceive these models as unrealistic or unpractical. I would eventually suggest changes.

Christian teachings are a collection of human vocabulary and definitions that I perceive as realistic. It has its oddities, and its variations, but is a great model, a great game. Feel free to stay out of our game, but I love it and it helps me, and I won’t get tired inviting others to join us.

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