Yes, choosing free software does make our life more complicated. But your sovereignity is inalienable 1 and worth the effort.

You need to consider the challenges and decide bravely how to react to them. This will require measurable additional effort.

You need to find trustworthy partners because you cannot do everything yourselves.

How to recognize partners who meet the criteria for maintaining the sovereignty of your enterprise.

An International Data Agency

Jens Berger suggests an International Data Agency, and organization with universal authority who distributes the profit gained by the companies who turn data into money.

Jens Berger (2017-01-03) : Das Daten-Kartell – Warum fordert niemand eine Vergesellschaftung der Daten?



The idea that the sovereignty of a state is inalienable was first formulated by Jean Jacques Rousseau in his book Of the Social Contract, or Principles of Political Law