Some religious hypertrophies

My cartooned definitions for some Christian schools that I consider religious hypertrophies. A hypertrophy is when some part of a living organism becomes too big. A religious hypertrophy over-emphasizes certain aspects of a religious teaching. They are a side effect of the fact that individual humans are fascinated by God.


The belief that the essence of the Gospel is the salvation by grace solely through faith in Jesus’s atonement.

Evangelicals believe that the Bible is God’s revelation to humanity and that an experience of being “born again” is important for receiving salvation.


The belief that the universe and lifeforms were created as they exist today by divine action, and that any explanation can be true only if it is mentioned in the Bible.


Over-stressing the importance of Jesus’s mother Mary as the primary intercessor in prayer. Using terms like Queen of Heaven, immaculate conception, or perpetual virginity.