Love, and then do as you want

The Good News calls me to “love God, and to love my neighbour as myself” (Mt 22:37-39).

  • Loving God means that I seek Him everywhere, that I ask how He wants me to act in any given situation, that I love the whole world because He created it and gave it to us as a gift, that I care for that gift, that I share it with all other living beings.

  • Loving my neighbour means that I behave towards them as I would like them to behave towards me, that I consider all humans as my siblings and am benevolent towards them, that I build bridges and to fill abysses between “us” and “them”.

  • Loving myself means that I care for my body and my soul. It includes working for education, wisdom and success. It includes caring for my private property and increasing my wealth.

Note the ordering: first comes God, then your neighbour (“at important as the first”), and last comes you (because Jesus obviously assumed it as natural).