My ideas for saving the world

“Don’t despair when your dreams seem unrealistic. Formulating them is a first step into the right direction. If your dreams are good, God will care for their implementation and make them happen.”

  • Let us decide that private corporations must convert into foundations when their size exceeds a given limit: Stop the greedy giants!.

  • Let us to introduce a world-wide Unconditional Basic Income because this will increase general health condition and reduce forced work and other forms of modern slavery: Unconditional Basic Income.

  • Let us review copyright laws and declare published content as a common property because this will reduce fake news and disinformation: The Lutsu manifesto.

  • Let us declare natural resources as common property.

  • Let us create a world-wide non-profit organization for managing common property (including above-mentioned published content and natural resources) in a sustainable way.