A schism of Christianity

Christians are divided by many concrete controversial questions. But it seems that one topic divides us into two especially opposite camps. Something where the members of both camps believe “These others are not Christians!”.

I am still trying to find names for these two camps. At the moment my favourite names are “inclusive” versus “separatist”.

inclusive Christian

A Christian who chooses rather the left column in the table below.

separatist Christian

A Christian who chooses rather the right column in the table below.

The two Christian camps







tolerant, progressive, …

evangelical, traditional, …

God loves every human

Only those who believe in Jesus will be saved

progressive liberal theology

traditional strict theology

reasonable approach

charismatic approach

God does not act against natural laws. A miracle is something that surprises us because we don’t know everything about nature.

God does super-natural things

Science is a valuable tool and God wants us to use it. Refusing to accept scientific evidence as a more trustworthy tool than a Holy Scripture is a form of superstition and leads to unrealistic results.

Science is a dangerous temptation. The Bible is an inerrant and infallible authority (biblical literalism).