Don’t be superstitious

I refuse to believe that God tweaks his own rules. He has created the visible world. Why would he break the rules he designed.

It seems that a considerable number of Christians pray that God helps them finding a parking space (see e.g. Praying for Parking Is Evil).

I sometimes hear Christians refer to miracles as “super-natural” or “unnatural”. This vocabulary is an irritating linguistic mistake.

Our world is full of miracles. Miracles are something normal because the world is far more complex than we can grasp. There are constantly happening things that we cannot explain. They are unexplainable simply because we lack information about the causes. They don’t need to be “super-natural” for this. Miracles don’t need to be super-natural.


Believing in something that is against scientific evidence.


An observation that we perceive as positive and good without being able to explain its causes.

An observation for which there is no valid scientific explanation.

Superstition is a natural behaviour for every human. We share it with most higher animals.

You know the story about those mice in a cage with an automatic feeder. The feeder gave food only when the mouse was slow enough on its way towards it. Those mice, when they discovered that running an extra round before getting to table made it work, started superstitious behaviour resembling liturgical acts.

Paul Oldenburg tells a story about a man in WW2 who was convicted to get shot after having dug his own grave.