Don’t cling to traditions

Traditions are good and important. They are more than a collection of unwritten rules that you must follow if you belong to some culture. They are the memory of a culture.

Traditions are enforced “automatically” or by “nature itself”. Many corporations act as carriers of traditions, but none of them is a unique actor. Unlike laws (written rules controlled and enforced by a government) they have no unique corporation that represents them.

These observations can lead humans to believe that traditions are divine, made by God. But I don’t agree with this. Traditions are made by humans, not by God. No tradition is eternal. (TODO: give arguments)

While traditions can last much longer than human-made laws, they are not static. (TODO: give examples)

Some Christians believe that a “traditional family” with a father, a mother and several children is a Christian value. For me this is definitively not a value I’d call “Christian”. Jesus didn’t care much about his biological family (more).


Over-estimating the value of traditions, refusing to change a tradition when needed. To believe that (some) traditions are part of God’s revelation to humanity and may not change.


Under-estimating the value of traditions. Supporting changes in a system without considering the dangers they imply.