A Dark Day for the Web

“A Dark Day for the Web: EU Parliament Approves Damaging Copyright Rules” (Timothy Vollmer in Creative Commons Newsletter, 2019-03-26)

My comment: Has somebody tried to compute how much human power and public money has been used in the last five years for this discussion? I don’t know the number, but we probably agree that it is huge. What a waste of money and energy! It is wasted because it is on a foundation that is going to vanish.

The author’s right of owning a digitally published content (and deciding how it may be used or not) is similar to that law about owning the space above and below your land.

Until 1945, American law held that a property owner presumptively owned not just the surface of his land, but all the land below, down to the center of the earth, and all the space above, to “an indefinite extent, upwards.” (Lawrence Lessig in Free Culture)

It is time to realize it. If you agree with me, consider signing the Lutsu manifesto.

Friday, March 29, 2019.

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