About this website

This website is made using a technology based on git, atelier, Python and Sphinx.

How to request a change

Anybody can submit change requests. Unless they are trivial or merely cosmetic, your suggestions will be discussed by the core team.

For new content, write your text in any format and send it to us, together with explanations where this content should come.

To request modification of existing content, just describe the changes in some way that makes sense. Make sure to copy the URL of the page you are talking about. One possibility is to copy and paste the content from the website into a LibreOffice document, enable change tracking, start editing, and then sending us the document. Note that we do not use proprietary software like Microsoft Word.

How to edit Sphinx files directly on GitHub

The source code of this website is hosted as a source code repository on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/sinod2023/www/

We can give write permission to the code repository to certain team members so that they can edit Sphinx files directly on GitHub.

  • If you do not yet have your personal GitLab account, create one (click on the button “Sign in/Register” on the GitLab website).

  • Tell the name of your GitLab account to Luc.

  • Communicate with the other team members to decide which file(s) you are going to edit. We use to meet in our Jitsi room jitsi.eesti.ee/sinod.

  • Open the GitLab web interface, either directly via this link, or when you are on the website, by clicking the button with the GitLab logo in the upper right corner (it’s a fox).

  • Using the GitLab web interface, navigate to the file you want to edit. For each html web page there is one source file ending with .rst. Relative URLs on the website correspond to the file name paths in this repository. Estonian files are under docs, English files under endocs, Russian files under rudocs.

  • When you are on a source file ending with .rst, click the button “Edit” or “WebIDE”.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

The technology used for this website

TODO: Some documentation exists on https://dev.lino-framework.org/writedocs but needs to be reviewed


A source versioning system used by software developers. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git


A programming language. See https://www.python.org


A program for building static websites.



A program I wrote for my professional work as a software developer.