Friday, March 13, 2020

I want to share something. Tonight the prayer in Püha Vaimu church was canceled because of the Corona virus. At 9.30 pm I sat at home with Mari and Iiris (Ly is in Vigala). Iiris talked about her day, she had heard quite some stories about the virus. I suggested to have a family prayer with songs from Taizé. And they both agreed. Iiris usually doesn’t like Taizé prayers, she still needs to move a lot when praying. We selected Luke 22:24-27. Our prayer was far more beautiful than my expectations because Iiris did the alto part! She was sitting at the piano, learning on the fly how to play and sing the alto voice, while Mari and I were singing soprano and bass. This was so unexpected because Iiris usually refuses to do music at home. It was so beautiful!