Wednesday, April 1, 2020

“The COVID-19 crisis is also an opportunity to make us understand that if we don’t want to live more -and more severe- crises like this, we need to change our society model. Some little cosmetic changes won’t be enough. What we need is to ban the egoistic homo oeconomicus who cares only about maximizing their profit, and to welcome the homo postcoronavirus who is attentive and knows about his inter-dependencies with other humans and the natural world, of which he is just a branch among others. This birth won’t be without throes. This upheaval will have to face the conservatism of the privileged, the anguish of the fearful, the misunderstanding of the poorly informed. (…) We observe today that activities that are most useful to humanity (nurses, cashiers, grocers, garbage men, bus drivers, …) are paid the lowest salary while some other highly paid professional activities are useless or even harmful (traders, advertisers and other parasites)” (Alain Adriaens,