Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Disney to stop paying 100,000 workers but is still on track to give shareholders $1.5 billion

Yet another example that that illustrates the bug in our legal system. Disney is a greedy giant. Okay Disney aren’t that big, only 200,000 workers. That’s probably the main reason why their management were inadvertent and now have to deal with such a “nasty” accusation. We can assume that bigger corporations have better experts who care for protecting the investment of their owners against such nasty “accidents”. For example L’Oreal and Total managed to issue a “vow” that they are going to play nicely and “show their solidarity with taxpayers”. Forgive me to remain skeptical.

This story is yet another example that makes me ring the alarm bell: The Covid19 crisis is an unprecedented shift of money and power from national governments to private corporations. Subdue the greedy giants!.