Unity in diversity

Saturday, July 11, 2020. I deeply consent with what Brandan J. Robertson writes in his post Toxic Unity (excerpts):

We are living in an era of unprecedented division- the left seems further left than ever, and the right seems more right than anytime in recent memory.

We might create a nation of people whose diversity of perspectives, identities, and backgrounds are acknowledged and allowed to be expressed, while simultaneously moving together as a whole towards a common good.

This same idea fills the pages of the New Testament as both Jesus and the Apostle Paul call for the Church, which is made up of many parts, to function as “one body.” (Romans 12:4)

We must continue to insist that unity is only authentic when all people can truly be united in a common understanding of the fundamental dignity, value, and worthiness of all others- even those with whom they strongly disagree.

Unity in diversity requires me to love my enemies and to pray for them. And praying for them cannot mean that I ask God to show them how wrong they are. It means that I ask God to show both sides what then need to do in order to find reconciliation.