Monday, August 3, 2020

This morning I wrote my fourth letter from God. Just for the records I write down the things that probably have pushed me to write this text.

I had a weekend together with about 50 lutherans. Most of them also have this nasty habit of saying “Word of God” when they actually mean the Bible. They are interested but don’t seem to really understand when I try to explain them my problem with this (Word of God).

On Satuday morning I read Matthew Distefano’s blog post 8 Things Christians Need to Stop Saying.

Yesterday in the afternoon I had a chat with a 19-years-old man who recently decided to stop calling himself a Christian. When I asked him what made him do this decision, he answered “I prefer to believe in the scientific world view. I cannot believe that there is no evolution.” My conclusion was that he had been in touch with the wrong Christians.

The last thing I had been doing yesterday night was to listen and then read C.S. Lewis’s text “Man or Rabbit”, which I hadn’t read or heard before. A friend had invited me to watch it. Lewis is right in the basic message of this text. There is indeed a fundamental choice to do in life, and that choice has important consequences for our whole life life. But Lewis gives it the labels “Christianism” versus “materialism”. I don’t agree with that labelling. There are many Christianities. Christians disagree in fundamental aspects about what Christian faith means. Many Christians unfortunately believe that “their” Christianity is the only right one.