Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I read Please Stop Making These 3 Arguments To Christians [Part 1].

Yes, it’s a pity that Vi La Bianca turns away from Christianity as a whole because he thinks that what he describes is Christianity. Me too I would turn away if I hadn’t grown up in a very different Christianity. it is another example of a former evangelical Christian who turns away. Such cases made me angry with evangelical teachings.

But after Croque-monsieur I can read such texts with a more peaceful mind: It’s not my job to judge who is to blame for this. Vi, too, is to blame because he throws out the baby with the bathwater and obviously didn’t meet the “right” Christians who would have been able to give an answer to his questions. So we cannot blame only evangelical fundamentalism for this. After croque-monsieur I can say: Let evangelical fundamentalists praise God and interpret the Bible in the way they want. And if I feel that this culture is going to die eventually, then let it die in peace.