Why would one vote for Trump?

Thursday, September 24, 2020.

There seems to be still a number of US citizens who say openly that they are going to vote for Trump. How can a president like Donald Trump have a chance of getting re-elected? How is it possible that a person like Donald Trump is still being discussed as a candidate? How is such a thing possible?

My answer: Because he represents a powerful idea.

When an idea that has the unfortunate destiny of being represented by a person like Donald Trump, and when this idea nevertheless makes it into the US presidential election final sprint, then this idea must be very powerful.

The name of this powerful idea is “Better a republic than a democracy”. Voting for Trump is a cry of despair saying “Something is wrong with our democratic system. I prefer being ruled by a human dictator if it only protects me from being ruled by a post-liberal system of inhuman corporations.”

Once more I say Subdue the greedy giants!. And it seems that I should translate my old idea of credocracy.

My above thoughts were triggered after reading on reddit in the r/PoliticalHumor channel:

“Saw a woman wearing a “Vote” t-shirt. The fact that I know who she is voting for tells you everything about the substance of our political divide.”

Of course the discussion turned into a battle. Some quotes:

  • It annoys me to no end when they claim to be all about democracy and patriotism while playing their “wink and a nod” crap over making it more difficult to vote. The thing about closing so many polling sites as “cost saving measure” is particularly irksome. What? We can spend 3 trillion dollars to protect Wall Street, but we can’t spend a couple of billion dollars to make sure our polling places are open, well manned, and stocked with supplies to protect our democracy?

  • “We’Re a RePuBLiC NoT a DeMocRAcy” – “Exactly. They don’t want a democracy. They’d be happy to never see an election again.” – “They don’t want a Republic as it is commonly defined either. They want an authoritarian dictator who believes the things they believe.”

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