Estonians discussing about same-sex marriage

Thursday, October 29, 2020.

Same-sex marriages have been legalized in Estonia some years ago, but the populist party EKRE, backed by conservative Christians, never liked this decision and now demands a referendum about the question. I translated the following excerpt of a discussion between a brother and a sister (compare Matthew 10:34-36) because it illustrates the situation so well.

The brother explained why we cannot allow same-sex marriage and defended the need of a referendum:

Equality and justice doesn’t mean that everybody may cross the street independently of whether the light shows red or green. When a question has irritated society and that question hasn’t been addressed in political programs, then the politicians either have no clue about their people’s opinion or they ignore it intentionally.

The sister answered:

Equality and justice has always meant that everybody may go when the light shows green and that everybody must wait when it shows red.

This is not the question that has irritated society. A horde of fools has irritated society. I am deeply convinced that majority of society is not interested in this topic. This topic touches only a small minority. This minority asked the government for the possibility to regulate their couple relationships and the government said “why not”. This topic doesn’t bother anybody besides them. And shouldn’t bother. And then came a horde of fools (who have no business with this question) and started yelling “You didn’t ask our opinion”.

Furthermore I am deeply convinced that the majority is already disgusted with this topic. But now, you’re welcome, the tiny minority must also make a lot of noise in order to ask the tired majority to stand up and take part in a referendum where they would otherwise have no chance, but where there is no place for the indifferent majority to simply ignore the topic and say “Leave us in peace, fools, we have enough other worries, do as you want and go on with live”.

I must admit that I also published this because the sister wins this concrete case. At least regarding her brilliant clear language. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that she is actually right side and her brother wrong. According to scientific method I should rather find and share examples against my theory, i.e. where a opponent of same-sex marriage excels by their brilliant clear language. For example this blog post, apparently written by Heido Trofimov, has obviously been written with much care and love. It just didn’t convince me. Yes, “still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest” (Simon & Garfunkel).

P.S. They discussed this on Facebook, here are the original words in Estonian:

Jaan: Võrdsus ja õiglus ei tähenda, et kõik peavad kõigi foorituledega korraga liikuda saama. Kui mingit küsimus on ühiskonna nõnda ärevile ajanud ja seda ei käsitletud valimisprogrammides, siis kas puudub neil poliitikutel igasugune arusaamine rahva tahtest või tegid nad seda meelega.

Lea: Võrdsus ja õiglus just seda tähendabki, et rohelise tulega võivad kõik minna ja punasega peavad kõik seisma.

See küsimus pole ühiskonda ärevile ajanud. Kari tohmaneid on ühiskonna ärevile ajanud. Ma olen sügavalt veendunud, et enamusel ühiskonnast pole sooja ega külma. See on vähemust puudutav teema. Vähemus küsis riigilt võimalust paarisuhet legaliseerida ja riik ütles, no miks ka mitte. See teema ei puuduta kedagi teist peale selle vähemuse. Ja ei peakski puudutama. Ja siis tuli kari tohmaneid (keda see küsimus ei puuduta) ja pistis kisama, et meie käest ei küsinud keegi.

Ma olen jällegi sügavalt veendunud, et enamusel on juba oksemaik suus sellest teemast. Aga nüüd, palun väga, peab seesama väike vähemus tegema piisavalt kõva häält, et ükskõikne enamus jalad kõhu alt välja lükkaks ja valimiskastide juurde läheks nende eest, sest meil siin rahvahääletustel mingit kvoorumit ei ole ja ükskõiksel enamusel pole võimalust teemat ignoreerides öelda: jätke meid rahule, lollid, meil on omal ka muresid, tehke mis tahate ja elage edasi.