Sunday, April 4, 2021

Just two quotes without comment:

  • If on this night you are experiencing an hour of darkness, a day that has not yet dawned, a light dimmed or a dream shattered, open your heart with amazement to the message of Easter : “Do not be afraid, he has risen!”

    Pope Francis on Twitter

  • Hier liegt das Geheimnis, das wahre Geheimnis dessen, was Jesus einmal gesagt hat: Wer dem Geld dient, ist gegen Gott. Und hier hat das Geld die Wahrheit verdreht.

    Papst Franziskus: „Es gibt nur zwei Herren in der Welt… “

  • The situation is one of unfair competition as companies with local offices have to pay taxes, while those without one pay none. Everyone who is active on the same market should be subject to the same rules. If the state cannot ensure fair competition by taxing entities currently operating outside of our tax system, it needs to create an equally favorable environment for the locals. For example, exempting local media companies from VAT. One can either lay down a digital tax or incentives for the local media. Another option is for Google and Facebook to pay for media content next to which they sell advertising. However, there is no realistic solution for the media landscape changing. My view is rather pessimistic here. Global media giants are so effective and powerful that a breakthrough is difficult. Media houses should not hold out hope for advertising revenue returning in recent volumes. Online giants hold 80 percent of the media advertising market in Germany, with just 20 percent left for media houses. Fighting them is hopeless. The time when media revenue came from advertising is gone and will never return. Companies need to concentrate on subscribers.

    – Snippets from Digital giants robbing media houses of advertising revenue)