Christianity “a Jewish faire tale”

Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

A guy from Kuressaare (Estonia) wrote on a social media platform the following comment to an otherwise unrelated meditation by a Lutheran pastor:

Already more than 2000 years are they preaching that fairy tale written by Jewish people. It’s time to start thinking with a clear reason. But business is business, a big capital has been invested and continues to grow.

What a brilliant perversion of what we know about Christianity!

“Christianity just a fairy tale written by Jewish people” – Haha, yes, religions are basically nothing but collections of fairy tales: they provide language patterns for dealing with the invisible parts of reality. But Christianity is much more than a Jewish fairy tale. The Bible is the story of how the nationalistic Jewish faith teachings evolved into a world religion. Already the stories about Jesus’ resurrection go beyond Jewish faith. The deeds and the letters then tell us how the new teaching embraced Greek and Roman culture.

“It’s time to start thinking with a clear reason” – Haha, what is a clear reason? One that doesn’t go beyond things we can say “for sure” using scientific method? One that reduces reality to its visible parts? One that refuses to think about unscientific questions like The meaning of life? One that relies on other faith cultures, like marketism?

And yes, Christianity is indeed a treasure for humanity, a common capital that has been collected and gathered by generations of cultures, and this capital won’t stop growing just because some people refuse to use this treasure. It’s a pity to see honest people throw away the child with the bath water because they focus on visible mistakes made by faith teachers of the past.

Maybe the author of above comment just wanted to tease us by formulating basic facts into offending words.

Such comments are daily business in a society that is proud about its widespread, egocentric and anxious ignorance of the most basic things we know about faith. Let’s pray for our governments and ministries of education who are responsible for fixing this issue.