Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Last week (on Tuesday 2021-09-07) the Vatican published two documents about the Synod on Synodality. The same day I had a meeting with father Philippe, and he asked me whether I would agree to be the Diocesan Contact Person for Estonia for this Synod.

My task would be to lead a 6 months “diocesan phase” to collect input and to write a “synthesis” of what the faithful in Estonia have to answer to this question. Not my own opinion, but a neutral summary of what all faithful in Estonia have to contribute to the Synod.

I was both deeply surprised by the unexpected request and deeply touched by this sign of trust. I felt that fr. Philippe was right: this is a job for me. On the other hand I felt the upcoming inner conflict because I have limited spare time and energy, but am not the guy who is going to assume this task superficially. During the next two days I read the “Preparatory Document” and the “Vademecum”. On Saturday (2021-09-11) I answered “yes”.

How am I going to proceed? Today I had two concrete ideas:

  • I am going to write this website. It is a static website, built using Sphinx, a free open-source software. That’s my way to work on such a project. I am used to this technology because of my work as a software developer.

  • I am going to organize a number of consultation meetings with as many and as diverse groups as possible.