How I got appointed

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Last week (on Tuesday 2021-09-07) I had a meeting with the Bishop. We do this from time to time, I probably have this privilege because we can chat in French. I usually use these occasions for confessing as well. This time I confessed something for which I had difficulties to find a name.

During this meeting the Bishop asked me, almost en passant, whether I would agree to be the “diocesan contact person” for Estonia for the Synod on Synodality. The Vatican had published two documents about it just today.

My task would be to lead a 6 months “consultation phase” to collect input and to write a “synthesis” of what the faithful in Estonia have to answer to this question. Not my own opinion, but a neutral summary of what all faithful in Estonia have to contribute to the Synod.

I must say that I had read about this Synod already in May (Rome lance un processus synodal d’une ampleur inédite) and had shared him that link with the comment “J’espère que les catholiques en Estonie participeront activement à ce processus synodal. Comment puis-j’aider?”

I was surprised by the unexpected question and touched by the amount of trust it means. I felt intuitively that this is indeed a job for me. Who else would do it? On the other hand I felt the upcoming inner conflict because I am not the guy who is going to assume this task superficially, and because I have limited spare time and energy.

During the next two days I read the “Preparatory Document” (PD) and the Vademecum. On Saturday (2021-09-11) I answered “yes”. The Bishop sent my contact data to the Secretariat of the Synod. I was appointed.