A 24 hours vigil for the Earth

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 (09:25)

A 24 hours vigil for the Earth will start this Friday at 11am GMT in St Aloysius Church, Glasgow. Thousands of Christians will stay awake all night, united in faith, in order to pray for the outcome of the COP26 conference, which is being held next door.

We are invited to virtually join them from the rest of the world.

Together with the Bishop we considered the possibility of inviting to a local prayer in Tallinn, but that’s unfortunately not possible, first of all because the idea arrived to late.

But at least I personally registered as a virtual participant. I invite all my friends, whether you call yourself Christian or not, to join as well:


Side note: When their web form asked whether I represent some parish or congregation, I specified the Apostolic Administration of Estonia, assuming that the Bishop would confirm my representative role at this virtual event.

The COP26 started last Sunday and will end on November 12th.