Reminding a song after 30 years of inactivity

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 (09:45)

After the Mass and a meeting with fr Alfonso, I was on my way home, waiting for the bus. I noticed that I had the melody of a song in my head. I tried to also restore the words. But wasn’t able. After several minutes of trying to remember the words, I recorded at least the melody on my phone.

At home, I sang the melody to Mari, hoping that she would recognize it. But while still playing it back, I get the answer. It was the melody of a Carnival song from my youth (sung by “De Höhner”):

Echte Fründe ston zesamme,
Ston zesamme su wie eine Jott un Pott.
Echte Fründe ston zesamme,
Es och dih Jlück op Jöck un läuf dir fott.
Fründe, Fründe, Fründe en dr Nut
Jon ‘er hundert, hundert op e Lut.

Actually this song was not completely inactive for 30 years. I guess that whistle it for myself occasionally. I probably heard here and there, e.g. when we were in Eupen for Carnival.

This story is an example of how important music is for remembering messages.