Sunday, January 16, 2022 (03:48)

I realized that my idea of publishing a printable pdf document was bad. (I started to realize this on Friday evening.) The pdf and this versioning stuff was based on the idea that I would find a certain number of people who would sign (“consent to”) to a concrete document for April in order to provide a “proof” that my way of doing it is synodal. This was (1) unrealistic and (2) would make further discussion in the core team more difficult. It’s enough to do the serious discussions about the final text and my procedure in April. Transparence has a limit. You can never be fully transparent. Apostolic teamwork is ultimately based on trust. Trust can never be “proven”, but it needs an “infrastructure” of rules where it can grow. I profoundly believe in apostolic management and think that it just needs to be documented more openly.

I converted back to a pure html version. But I reorganized the files so that new contributors can find their way more easily.

The section “What Catholics in Estonia have to say” was uselessly offensive, I removed it and replaced it by three “statements about synodality” under (5).

I moved “my vision” to the top, but at the moment I still leave the paragraph numbering as it was in version 8 of the pdf document (in case I get feedback on these).