The main thing in life

Friday, February 25, 2022 (09:20)

I stumbled into yet another beautiful summary of the Gospel for my page Tell me the Gospel in 60 seconds. It was written by Olga Krasnikova:

It is very difficult for us to keep at least for some time the memory of God’s presence in our lives. It demands internal work, effort, spiritual search, personal growth – showing the task to be really complicated. We are trying to follow the path that seems easy for us. We are dreaming to find a person who will make us happy and fill our internal emptiness. But this is the wrong way. The real core of our inner life is the connection to God.

It may be revealed in a feeling that God is loving me, accepting me, that I owe my life to Him, that I am responsible for the way of my living, as life is God-given, but also is subject to His judgement. Even if we can hardly trace our feeling of communion with God, this is the very vector that we are moving along. It is important to see the perspective and start moving in the right direction.

The main thing is to keep faith that when I am so scared, bad and lonely, when life seems to be a burden – at this moment God is holding me in his arms.

Olga a psychologist living in Moscow, so I guess that it is the first Orthodox summary in my collection. Her text (together with the original in Russian) was published in January 2020 by the Journal Christian Psychology Around the World