Nobody wants disarmament

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 (06:35)

Some days ago I invited a few friends to join my prayer for disarmament:

Anybody here to help me writing another common text? This one is much shorter: Prayer for disarmament. If we find a few persons who sign this document, we could post it on and share it with a broader public.

But it seems that I am alone with this prayer. One friend answered:

All my life I’ve taken the passive resistance teaching of Jesus as fundamental and I’ve been on many anti-war demos, Luc. But as I read your prayer for disarmament, I felt the bitterness of my disappointment that Ukraine, having led the world in renouncing the nuclear arsenal on Ukrainian territory, in order to reassure Russia. Not only has Russia betrayed Ukraine. They’ve also betrayed idealists who campaign and pray for disarmament. There’s an emptiness in me where the power of peace used to be.

Another friend answered:

Kuigi soovin samuti väga, et sõda Ukrainas ja sellest tulenevad kannatused kiiresti lõppeksid, siis selle mustandi tekstiga ei ole ma absoluutselt nõus. Muidugi kehtib meil sõnavabadus, ent peaks igaüks praeguses olukorras olema vastutustundlik ning mitte edastama seisukohti või valeinfot, mis otseselt või kaudselt pärinevad vaenulikult riigilt. Toon mõningad mõtted: (…)

Followed by 16 thoughts that explain what’s wrong with my prayer. I don’t dare to publish his thoughts here. Anyway I don’t need to; they are a summary of what you can read almost everywhere.

I have no answer to them. I find no words. I can only continue to pray for disarmament, even alone.