Are you lucky?

Sunday, April 3, 2022 (19:42). Joseph Bastin gave another speech. The original is in French and Lithuanian. I translated it to English:

When I was young, and still now, I loved to ask other people: Are you lucky?

Sometimes I even asked more: Are you the most lucky person in the world?

Just to see their reaction.

And of course the other person sometimes asked me: And you? Are you the most lucky person in the world?

Then I answered: When I am in a good mood, I feel lucky.

When I am in a not so good mood, then I say: I consider myself, I proclaim myself lucky.

And I believe it really.

Because I am grateful for everything I received.

Since 1948 when I was born, I have been enjoying, after all, despite the difficulties, a very beautiful life.

How could I give back all those things God has done for me!

What a friend is Jesus! An unbelievable friend.

For him it would have been more difficult to loose a single soul than it has been for him to die on the cross.

Every person is more important to him than his own life.

A God who has made himself human, and who didn’t stop there, but gave his life for me.

And even if I happen to suffer from time to time: it’s usually not much compared to Jesus’ suffering.

And by the way Jesus says when such things happen to you: rejoice! Be glad, because the best is yet to come.

I got used to accepting reality as it is, because it is the best condition for me at this moment.

But I must always show my reality to God so that he can transform it.

So there is a real joy, even when I don’t feel always very well. In times of crisis it’s not always fun. But there is a kind of joy that nothing in the world can take away from me.

I have friends who –objectively– suffer very much, much more than I, but who tell me that they too know joy.

They cannot describe this joy, it is not something you can explain, but they live it.

And thus I can say that I am lucky. And many people whom I know, Christians, believers, are lucky people, despite their difficulties.

And I deeply believe that the best is yet to come.

We haven’t yet seen anything.

That’s the joy I wish to you. Really.