Tuesday, July 5, 2022 (18:23)

Selected quotes from Inside the adolescent brain, an interview with Eveline Crone held by Tim Vernimmen (2022-06-30)

“I find it intriguing how every new generation of adolescents reinvents itself and society.”

“You constantly reflect on yourself when you interact with others, and when you interact with others, it has an effect on how you feel about yourself.”

“Another brain area (…) specifically becomes active when you switch your perspective between yourself and others. (…) That, to me, was somehow a hopeful message: This is something we can possibly train people to be better at — you can learn to take the perspective of others. Well-adjusted people tend to do that automatically.” (Reminds me of bibliodrama, a well-known exercise in Christian education. Another case of Science confirming the Gospel).

“Historically, we have seen many examples where the younger generation shapes society in ways that may not always align with the norms of previous generations. But this planet is theirs for the future, so they should have a say in what they find important.”

“Young people are the future — we should invest in them, to help them to become caring and responsible citizens.”