5 mental strengths

August 20, 2022 (11:20)

My notes after reading A psychotherapist shares the 5 mental strengths you need to be successful at anything: ‘Most people aren’t there yet’

Jody Michael names five “muscles of mental fitness”:

  • Accountability (don’t blame other people and circumstances for how you feel or for what has happened; own your part and recognize the parts owned by others)

  • Helpful beliefs (realize that our believes are just a set of assumptions, not the truth; allow yourself and others to probe them, challenge them and imagine new ones)

  • Self-assessment (accurately identify your emotions and your internal state)

  • Holding multiple perspectives (stop proving that your position is the right one; consider and understand perspectives that aren’t aligned with yours)

  • Calming your physiology (quickly regain balance in emotional situations)

All this is yet another example of how Science confirms the Gospel.