Why I don’t eat with them

Sunday, September 18, 2022 (14:46)

Today once more I did not participate physically in the rite of the Last Supper. I am in Vigala, so I went to the Sunday service here, as usual when I am in Vigala. I refuse to make 100 km by car just to participate in a Holy Mass. There is only one congregation in Vigala, and this congregation happens to be Lutheran. I consider the Lutheran and the Catholic rite as equivalent (certain texts say that this in contradiction with current teachings of the Roman-Catholic church, but in case of conflict I listen to my heart rather than to texts).

My staying away did not go unnoticed since there were less than 10 participants. One of them asked me why. Which lead to interesting exchanges during the coffee time after the service. I said something like this:

Ha, if I knew it myself why I stay away! I am obviously confused. It’s because one priest in Tallinn told me that “it would make no sense to come to Holy Mass” if I also participate in the Lutheran rite. And I asked the Bishop about it, and he did not clearly contradict to what the priest had told me. And I wouldn’t like the Bishop to excommunicate me. I also have a personal principle to not do (important) things “secretly”: I would consider it a cowardly lie to participate in Vigala and to not inform at least my Bishop about it. That’s why I haven’t had physical communion since I am back in Estonia (i.e. since June 23).”