An impulse being received and registered by our senses.

learning process

A process where you receive incoming signals, sort and filter them, combine them with existing knowledge to produce a new piece of information, which is finally stored into your memory so that it becomes knowledge.

In a community it is analogue: the community observes reality, “digests” it and “updates” (review, optimize, reformulate) or rearrange some knowledge element in their teachings.


The synthesis of what we have learned.

Used to make decisions without further asking.

“Information might lead to knowledge but is not the same as knowledge, nor does it replace knowledge. Knowledge depends on having a context into which information can be accurately placed; context is one of the keys. Knowledge is what you understand thoroughly, are familiar with from a variety of angles, can explain, and can, if asked, teach to someone else.” – Gina Barreca, Psychology Today

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