About spirits

I suggest the following definitions.

Spirits have no body, they exist only in the invisible world. Spirits are not directly visible, but we can observe their effects.


An idea that exists (grows, lives) in more than one human heart.

Spirits propagate (are shared) using a medium.


Something capable of storing and representing (symbolizing) a spirit.

Most modern spirits use written texts as their medium. In that case we can also call them a shared idea. Besides these we also have unwritten laws.

shared idea

A spirit that is formulated as a written text.

Every corporation is a shared idea, formulated by a legally binding definition.

Every religion is a shared idea formulated by its Holy Scripture

unwritten law

A spirit that is not formulated as a written text.

It is obviously difficult to write about unwritten laws.


A thought about a concrete situation, an answer to a question, perceived by a human as coming from outside of his brain.

divine inspiration

An inspiration coming from God and perceived as such by that human. Some texts say that the Word of God came to an individual human.