Why software must be free

In this article I try to explain to non-programmers why software must be free, why you should avoid proprietary software, why your organization should choose Linux rather than Windows or OS X as the operating system on your computers.

I also try to explain why this choice is currently not the mainstream and why you should nevertheless consider it.

This text is not finished and probably never will be.


Software must be free because the more your everyday life depends on computers, the more it is important to ask who controls these computers. Proprietary software causes its users to depend on the software owner regarding decisions like when it makes sense to innovate or how to implement security controls.

Investigate Europe


Der Radiobeitrag Gefährliche Abhängigkeit von Microsoft (inforadio.de, Sa 25.11.2017) erklärt mit verständlichen Worten, weshalb es so gefährlich ist, wenn ein Software-Hersteller als Platzhirsch die Szene dominiert.