About law systems

The values of a culture are statements and rules that define what its members perceive as good, important and valuable. We use them consciously and subconsciously in our social and political life. They influence our daily choices and priorities.

Every law system describes the values of a given culture.

law system

A system of laws, i.e. of written rules.

common law

A law system issued and maintained by a national government or a supernational body.

natural law

An unwritten rule imposed by nature.

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As an edge case there are cultures without written laws, for example historic cultures like the Celts, or ideal cultures like the Church or marketism.

There is a list of contemporary national legal systems. A whole science, called comparative law, does nothing but studying the differences and similarities between these law systems.

Besides the civil law systems we have different religious law systems. Some of them can be classified as Christian law systems.