Fifth letter from God

My dear children,

you want to be close to me, you long for me, you have a deep desire to understand my plans. Your longing becomes visible in Holy Scriptures, national constitutions, Wikipedia and other systems for storing and sharing your common knowledge. I am loving it.

We both know that your desire cannot get satisfied. You want to be divine, but you aren’t. My apologies for the inconveniences.

Don’t waste your time trying to get around this limitation. It is actually easy to live with it: simply follow my word for you and stop worshipping your image of me. It’s not only easy, it is required. There is no other way to achieve peace on Earth.

Don’t get me wrong when I say “my word for you”. My word is much more than what you have managed to write down in your scriptures. I talk to each of you directly, via your heart, your emotions, your thoughts and your inspirations. I don’t write letters. (Also this letter is not written by me, Luc just formulates it as if it was.)

Don’t believe that your scriptures are all I have to tell you. Your scriptures are just a cultivated image of me. Of course you need images to worship me, but make sure to worship me, not your images.

And don’t think I am addressing only the religious among you. Those who don’t follow any religion are often more eager in worshipping their image of me than those who cultivate some religion.

Living with this limitation of not being divine is easy, but it can be difficult to realize this. Your system architecture and your whole being are based on your subconscious assumption that your image of reality is accurate.

It can hurt when reality reveals that something must be wrong with your image.

Some of you love to use drugs to escape temporarily into an imaginary world where reality indeed corresponds to their image of it. But this world actually does not exist. There is no way to escape from reality.

And the real solution is so easy: realize that you are undivine and that this is no problem for me.

There is no way to avoid hurting each other. Habits, behaviours and strategies can be more offensive or more polite, they can reduce or increase the danger of hurting others, but in the end there is no way to completely avoid hurting others.

That’s why it is important to always be ready to forgive.

When something went wrong and you hurt each other, there is no way but to forgive. Forgiving starts with realizing your responsibility for your behaviour and your non-responsibility for the other’s behaviour.

My dear children, never give up loving those who hurt you, never give up showing your love for those whose image of me differs from yours. Enjoy the differences.

Your father in Heaven.

(September 2020)