You and your bible!

My dear children,

the Bible is a very beautiful image of me. It can help you to speak about me in a common language. It is a powerful tool. It is important for cultivating my kingdom and for explaining it to all humans. Like every Holy Scripture it contains wisdom that has been developed and selected by many generations of humans. Some of you consecrate their whole life just to spread the Gospel of the Bible. I am loving it.

You want to be close to me, you long for me, you have a deep desire to understand my plans. Your longing becomes visible in Holy Scriptures, national constitutions and other systems for storing and sharing your common knowledge. I am loving it.

We both know that your desire cannot get satisfied. You want to understand my plans, but you don’t. Your brain is simply too small, it isn’t able to store a full image of reality. That wasn’t possible when I created you. My apologies for the inconveniences.

You might perceive this limitation as frustrating and waste your time trying to get around it.

But actually it is easy to live with this limitation: simply follow my word for you. Which includes that you refrain from worshipping your image of me. It’s not only easy, it is required. There is no other way to achieve peace on Earth.

When I say “my word for you”, please don’t think that I am talking about the Bible or any other Holy Scripture. And don’t think I am addressing only the religious among you. Those who don’t follow any religion can be more eager in worshipping their image of me than those who follow some religion.

Many among you hear that the Bible is the “Word of God” and conclude that it is a law book. What a nonsense! My word is much more than what you have managed to write down in your scriptures. I talk to you directly in your heart, your emotions, your thoughts and your inspirations.

Believe in me, and don’t believe that your scriptures are all I have to tell you. Your scriptures are written in human language. I am eternal while human language changes constantly. Your scriptures are not fool-proof. They are not a user manual to life. They are not a collection of solutions for your everyday life problems.

Your scriptures are beautiful images of me, and you need images to worship me. But you need to learn how to use them properly and how to make sure to worship me, not your image!

The general rule of thumb is easy: imagine that I am the father and that all humans are my beloved children.

Your father in Heaven.

(September 2020)