About miracles

What do I mean when I speak about miracle?


An observation that we perceive as positive and good without being able to fully explain its causes. An observation for which there is no scientific explanation.

I sometimes hear Christians refer to miracles as “super-natural”. I perceive this as an irritating linguistic mistake. I believe that miracles are natural. Saying that a miracle happened does not mean you are superstitious.

Our world is full of miracles. Miracles are something normal because the world is far more complex than we can grasp. There are constantly happening things that we cannot explain. They are unexplainable simply because we lack information about the causes. They don’t need to be “super-natural” for this. Miracles don’t need to be super-natural.

Paul Oldenburg tells a story about a man in WW2 who was convicted to get shot after having dug his own grave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhWe69oh7ec