About private property

The concept of private property is one of the basements of human civilizations. We generally accept the idea that individual humans own certain goods. Every human or group of humans has the right to own objects. These objects can be mobile or immobile.

Let’s deliberately exclude immaterial goods and intellectual property in this section because they are another topic.

Owning something does not only mean the right of using it but also the responsibility of using it in a way which does not inflict the human rights of others.

The owner of an object is responsible for managing and using this object. Which implies that they have the right of deciding whether and how to make it available to others.

Territories and areas of the Earth cannot be private property. The same for spiritual work.

Trademarks and names of companies and other organisations are the result of business activity and similar in nature to the name and reputation of a physical person. As such they are a particular form of identity.

The result of intellectual work cannot be private property.

Territories cannot be private property.