What non-catholic people have to say at the Synod

The Synod on Synodality might look like an internal project of the Roman Catholic church, but I believe that it is much more. I see two big groups of people who have to say important things at this synod:

Other Christian denominations

The Church has experienced two major schisms during her history. More than twenty human generations have passed since Reformation, more than forty generations since the Schism of 1054.

The traditional approach of the Roman Catholic church is to assume that “our” teachings are the true ones while other Christian denominations have broken apart. History shows that this approach doesn’t work. It is time to change this approach.

The vision of the Synodal Church is the opposite of another schism, it will unite all Christians back under one institution. Many faithful from all denominations have been doing important work to prepare this step.

It seems obvious to me that this institution will be a new legal person because its teachings will introduce some backwards-incompatible changes. It will take generations before “everything” has become “clear” because convictions usually don’t change during the lifetime of an individual human.

Other religions

Just to name a few: Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, the Baha’i faith, …

My report doesn’t cover them because I lack personal contacts to these religions.

Non-religious movements

The Synodal Church will publish and maintain the “synodal guide”, which can be used independently of religious rites and practices. This will open the door to faithful people who work for a human world without identifying themselves as “religious”. This includes Wikipedians, Free Software activists, climate activists, human rights activists, political parties and independent artists.