Stop believing that you know God

One of the greatest features of the Christian religion is that it not based on a book but on a person, the person of Jesus Christ. This person is more than historical. If our faith would rely solely on the historically proven facts about Jesus from Nazareth or the Bible as our Holy Scripture, our faith would be simplistic.

This feature has some important consequences.

A young woman from Latvia wrote after a week in a “Shalom” community:

Jesus told to his disciples: “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). Jesus did not say that others will know that we are His disciples by serving, praying or even gifts of Holy Spirit, but by love for each other. This seems to be some sort of mystery for me which I feel I need to discover more and more in my life. But there are no better witness for this broken world as the love God is giving us to share among each other. – Olga from Latvia, Jesus is worthy… And it is worthy to surrender your life to Him.

In his article What Lies About God Do You Believe?, Vance Morgan reports some verbal battles between progressive and conservative Christians. “Sacred waters can turn into land mines whenever [we] believe that we understand what is sacred and what is not, [and] think we know where to draw sharp boundaries between the two.” I think: Yes, oh my God, will there ever be peace between those two camps!? Morgan answers in his conclusion: “The more my faith evolves, the more it becomes a matter of orthopraxy (right action) than of orthodoxy (right belief). What if that is what Jesus intended all along?”

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