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Dare to change your mind

Being open-minded means that you are able to listen to opposing opinions.

Being open-minded is not being fickle or shilly-shally but rather the opposite. The stronger and the more convinced your opinion is, the more are you able to listen to opposing opinions.

Being open-minded includes readiness to change your mind (to repent) when you realize that you were wrong.

Changing your mind about which pullover to wear at an event can be difficult when your wife has a different opinion than you, but we probably agree that it is not an existential change.

The bible tells a story about how a fervent enemy of Jesus became his follower after having experienced God’s call. This was a more existential change of mind. This guy was struck with blindness and did neither eat nor drink during 3 days.

Another story in the Bible tells how Joseph (husband of Mary) had to fundamentally change his mind about marrying pregnant women.

Changing your mind is problematic and frowned upon in classical teamwork. When some common decision has been made, to which you agreed, then it is considered bad practice to change your mind.