Our wedding

Actually we married twice. The first time in Belgium, on October 7th, 2000, after the legal wedding act. The second time in Vigala, on June 23rd, 2001, after the wedding ceremony in Church.

Our wedding in Belgium is certainly one of the most beautiful feasts in my life so far. I am not a very motivated organizer of feasts, and furthermore we had only a few weeks to prepare it. But three of my friends, when they heard that the administrative paper battle was won (that battle deserves another story of its own; Estonia was not yet part of the EU by then), told me: “If you want to celebrate this, you can count on us for helping.” Without this promise we wouldn’t have celebrated a lot. This feast then was really my style. I had two major conditions: (1) everybody who wants to join our feast is invited (I am a bit allergic against having to ask “who of my friends deserves to get invited?”) and (2) no playback music, only live music. The feast was outside (we had no idea how many people would actually come). Despite the late time of the year, weather was beautiful. The rain started only the next day, just as if it had been holding back for this occasion. Afterwards one of my friends said “This was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to”.

Our wedding in Vigala was quite exhausting for both me and my wife. It lasted three days. When they were over, I said to my wife: “One thing is clear: I will never ever marry again!” This was one of my ironic jokes. Note that it does not say that I regret it. It is rather a renewal of the promise I had done in Church: I will be your husband until death separates us.