What do Christians say about same-sex marriage?

Answer : we don’t know.

For example the Lutherans. Some national Lutheran churches accept same-sex marriages while others refuse them vehemently. Martin Junge, Secretary General of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF, representing 75 Millon members in 99 countries) gave a beautiful formulation to Meelis Süld who interviewed him after a meeting of church leaders in Tallinn in October 2019. (vikerraadio.ee starting at 0:21:35). He said:

When it comes to the question of different models of family and human sexuality, that is indeed a deep controversy in the LWF. We are together, with the same spirit, understanding. And this is very important to me to underline all the time. Sometimes it sounds like one side would not care about the Bible or the other site would be too stupid to read the Bible. And we are saying in the LWF: “Stop that talk! There is nobody departing from the Bibel when making that decision. There’s nobody too stupid to read the Bible when not making that decision.”

This is a beautiful illustration of Christians accepting opposing answers to a concrete question within a same group. I updated my opinion about Faith schisms.

Monday, November 11, 2019.