The blind men and the elephant

Monday, November 25, 2019.

You know the parable of the three blind men and the elephant?[1] One of them stands at the trunk and says “An elephant is a soft and flexible tube”. Another holds a leg and says “It’s a column, hard and strong, standing firmly on the ground”. The third felt the tail and says “It’s moving quickly”. There are many variants of this story.

Let’s continue this mind game. Give them some more (blind) helpers and ask them to get the elephant into its enclosure. Imagine them trying to get their job done. Some of them stand firmly at their place. Others walk around and report about their discoveries. Each of them is trying to do their best, each of them more or less eagerly according to their character traits.

That’s us, the humans in this world. None of us can see the whole thing, and yet we are asked to save this world and keep it alive.

With this in mind I imagined a letter from God to us: A letter from God.