Friday, December 6, 2019

Civic education in the digital age

The European Ministers of Education had a meeting about this topic on Nov. 26, 2019 in Paris. In the report on Zenit I now read that Pope Francis calls for a reconstruction of the educational pact, based on three things:

  • on the interaction of all those involved in education, primarily children and parents,

  • on openness to all dimensions of the human person, including the spiritual,

  • an active involvement in the common good, leading young people to take care of their community, their country and the common home that is the planet earth.

Interesting. Especially the third one. Obviously I didn’t

What is that educational pact? After looking around on the website I imagine that this is a group of competent Christians who work together in order to think about what’s important in education, and the result of their thoughts would be published in a few years as a kind of charta or orientation help to which schools could commit or not.

In September 2019 there was a first seminar about the relationship between education and democracy as a step on this “path to the Global Compact on Education”.