Tuesday, February 25, 2020

During the last days and weeks I had contact with people who suffered from divorce, violence, solitude. These sufferings had a common cause, individualism, which is a wide-spread attitude in Estonia (and elsewhere).

Another observation is that those who are skeptical against religion, are actually revolting against the same thing as I. When they explain me why they are against church or religion, I can only confirm: Yes, neither do I want a church or religion as they describe it. How the hell does it come that so many people have a wrong image about what I consider the most important topic of my life? If it’s our job as Christians to explain the Good News to all people, I am afraid that we don’t do our job very well!

I can feel irritated and offended when my dialog partner does not differentiate between conviction and belief. Please let me explain this.

See Reality and our image of it