Let my people go

Saturday, May 2, 2020.

I wrote a third letter from God.

The third letter is partly triggered by what I read yesterday:

Any time (…) Pope Francis called for a real overhaul of the global economy and a change in personal behavior to consume less, share more and protect the environment, people said “radical change is impossible”. But in response to the coronavirus, over the course of a few short weeks governments around the world ordered an almost complete shutdown of social and economic life; they knew the dire impact it would have on their gross domestic products, but they decided the life and health of their people were more important.

How many times have we heard, “No, we have to be realistic”, but the lockdowns and their effectiveness have shown that radical change is possible and that it does not have to be gradual.

—Father Augusto Zampini via Same storm, different boats: Vatican looks at ways to help all survive Cindy Wooden, 2020-04-30

Another document I read yesterday is an text written by Kaari Saarma entitled “Koroona - kas surmav haigus või kunstlikult loodud hirmu pandeemia?”. Might have influenced me as well.

I feel a bit like Moses when he understood that the Pharaoh must let his people go. The Corona crisis is only a first plague. How many plagues will we need before the Pharaoh will finally comply with God’s plan? But unlike Moses I don’t feel that I should stop my business or become a preacher. Lino also needs me.